Black bear

ENKON staff conducting water column sampling


Oriented strand board plan

Regulatory process coordination and approvals

  • Preparation of applications under the provincial Environmental Assessment (BCEAA) process
  • Preparation of Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) Screening and Comprehensive studies
  • Preparation of Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts Concept and Master Resort Plans
  • Government Liaison
  • Negotiation of environmental permit terms and conditions
  • Air, effluent and refuse permit applications
Barred owl

Environmental impact assessments

  • Establishing fish and wildlife baseline conditions
  • Conducting resource inventories
  • Identifying impact sources and characteristics
  • Describing and/or quantifying environmental impacts
  • Developing mitigation/compensation strategies
  • Developing Management and Monitoring Plans
  • Cumulative Impact Assessments
ENKON staff doing plankton sampling

Aquatic resource assessments

  • In-situ water quality
  • Benthic invertebrate and peri/phytoplankton studies
  • Effluent toxicity testing


Measuring a Dolly Varden

Fisheries assessments

  • Population surveys
  • Biophysical watershed inventory
  • Riparian area Regulation (RAR) Assessments
  • Habitat mitigation/compensation plans
  • Construction monitoring
  • Stream restoration
Fairy slipper plant

Wildlife and vegetation assessments

  • Rare plant assessments
  • Vegetation and terrestrial ecosystem mapping
  • Wildlife inventories and management plans
  • Species at Risk Act (SARA) Assessments
  • Impact assessments
  • Habitat protection/enhancement strategies
Public consultation

Public and First Nations consultation

  • Developing public consultation plans
  • Preparing brochures and presentation materials
  • Coordinating open house activities
  • Designing and administering mailouts and advertisements
GIS map

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis

  • Aerial photo/ortho-photo interpretation
  • Digital Terrain Modeling (DEM)
  • Land cover and vegetation assessments
  • Watershed and drainage analysis
  • Riparian integrity assessments
Benthic sample

Environmental management planning

  • Sampling parameters and conditions
  • Environmental monitor terms of reference
  • Contractor specifications
  • Construction monitoring
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